Chairman Message

Chairman’s Desk

  “If you want to succeed, you should strike out on new paths rather than to travel the worn paths of accepted success.”

           It brings me an immense pleasure and pride to welcome you to MG Convent School. It is a premier educational institute where knowledge is the greatest wealth which equip the students to face the challenges of life competently. It is a matter of intense satisfaction that we have completed one decade.

            The threshold of any educational institution are is its teachers, who help in molding the young minds into responsible sensitive human beings and it is a matter of great pride that the whole MG Convent Family leaves no stone unturned to achieve these goals.

             The School management is determined to provide holistic education to this region. MG   Convent School offers a vast range of cultural, physical activities, art education, work experience and so on.

             The highly developed web of activities leads toward the harmonious development of our children.

             We will persue our aims and objectives for which we solicit the co-operation of all concerned and the blessing of GOD Almighty.

Mr. Amandeep Gharial