At M.G. Convent School, the classrooms are spacious, vibrant, child-friendly, print-rich, and well-lit. Whether it be the gleaming number line on the wall, the colorful craftwork strung across the class, or even bulletin boards, each part of the class contributes to the learning experience of the child. The furniture in each classroom is child-friendly and safe. The housekeeping staff on duty on each floor ensures that cleanliness in the classroom is maintained at all times.


The campus has a computer laboratory accessible to students during school hours with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers, and the curriculum. Students get a chance to gain familiarity with Software Technology and are also able to do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations. Teachers constantly monitor the students’ stations to ensure that undesirable sites are not explored.


The school has well-equipped laboratories for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. These laboratories give the students a practical experience to supplement the theoretical lessons learnt in the classes.


Smart Class concept has been adopted by M.G. Convent School. Hi-tech smart interactive projectors and boards are available in the smart class. Smart class empowers the teachers with innovative technology right inside the classroom and provides tools to teach the curriculum topics more effectively. It provides a lively learning platform for students and the teachers with graphics, sound, animations, and videos.


Aesthetically decorated and well-equipped music room is available where students are given an opportunity to develop their talent in vocal as well as instrumental music. Our students make us proud by bringing laurels to the institution.


A well-stocked library with a plethora of books serves as a learning center and promotes individual learning. It is an epicenter to explore vast realms of knowledge.


The school has managed transport system run under the supervision of transport incharge. The school has buses that ply on diffrent routes and provide quality transportation. "Safety of a child is our first priority"